First things first: No, this is not going to be just a web-based copy of the newsletter. There will be things here that aren’t included in the emails, and vice versa.

Okay. Now that we’ve got that out of the way…

I started TalkBiz News in 1996. Over the ensuing period, I’ve run two blogs in this market, and published thousands of pages of articles and reports. Because it generally focused on the fundamentals, rather than shiny objects and magic buttons, a great deal of that info is still applicable today.

I hope to get a lot of that updated and posted here for you.

We’ll also take on some of the thornier topics in the industry.  Those discussions can get animated, especially since so many people in this market make their livings using destructive techniques. Like, say, blog spam.

Which brings me to the moderation policy.

All posts here will be moderated. The rules will be pretty loose, and you are responsible for the content of your posts. That said, Try to be civil, don’t waste everyone’s time with “Me too” posts, and please keep the excessive vulgarity for somewhere else.

In general, the goal is to keep the level of discussion useful. Posts that just repeat what someone has already said won’t be approved.

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I have other plans to make this a useful resource for you, but we’ll leave those as surprises for later.

That’s it for now. Further bulletins as events warrant.

Comments, questions, and suggestions are welcome.

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