What do you want?

What would make this blog useful to you? What do you want to learn or stay informed of or do that you aren’t finding the way you want somewhere else?

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  1. Great update, Paul. You chose a great theme. Almost makes me want to start using WordPress. Almost.

    What will make this blog most useful to me is for you to keep sharing your thoughts with the rest of us. You are a thinker.

    Google makes it easy enough to find answers to specific questions.

    You help me to find answers to questions I have not yet thought of (yup, that’s a preposition).

    Keep thinking. And sharing.


  2. Since I’ve been around for something like 15 years without feeling the necessity to tell you what I want, I feel no need to start now. 😉 It’s more fun to leave you to your own varied devices…probably best left undefined.

    To new readers/subscribers, I’d say: “Stay tuned; the best is yet to come.”

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