Frequently asked questions

So, what’s the theme?

I assume you mean the topical theme, rather than the PHP code. The latter is likely to change at a moment’s notice.

“News, reviews, and how-tos.”

Where are all the cool conversion and social linking gimmicks?

On their way. There’s a lot of stuff that will be added, but I’d rather get the thing open and plug in the extras later. If you wait until it’s done, you fall into the whole “It’s not perfect yet” trap.

Well, you might not, but I do.

Why are comments moderated?

I’d rather have 2 thoughtful comments, critiques, or questions than 20 “Me too” or “Billie Joe’s an idiot” posts. On some posts, friendly banter will be more than welcome. On others, it’ll be just business.

I suspect that will evolve over time.

Why so few categories?

I’ll add them as posts are made. Why waste space with empty listings?

Do you accept guest posts?

Eventually, yes. From the right people. If I don’t know you, the odds are good I won’t. To submit a post, go to and choose the “Guest post submission” category.

Why now?

Why not?

How do we make suggestions?

If you’re a registered member, you can leave them them as comments in response to this post. Or go to and use the “Blog – Comment or Suggestion” category to send them to me.

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